Dal Chawal

Rice with yellow lentil gravy

Rajma Chawal

Rice with Kidneybean gravy

Chole Chawal

Rice with our signature chickpea gravy

Sambhar Rice

Rice in Lentil and vegetable based stew

Karhi Chawal

Rice with spiced youghurt sauce


Dish of rice mixed with boiled milk and sugar


Flattened rice that is steam cooked in onions, spices and herbs

Aaloo Paratha Set

Flatbread made of wheat flour stuffed with potato filling


Fried pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes

Chole Bhature

Fried sourdough breads served with our signature chickpea curry

Paneer Paratha Set

Flatbread made of wheat flour stuffed with cottage cheese filling


Cottage cheese balls in sweetened milk

Gulab Jamun

Stuffed Pista Fried milk balls in sugar syrup

Gol Gappe

Flavored water bombs made of semolina/wheat

Bhalla Paapdi

Crispy crackers and lentil fritters in our special mix of sauces and filling

Thali Set

> Standard - Dal+ aloo subzi + 2rotis+ rice+ salad+ raita > Deluxe - Dal+ aloo subzi + veggie+ 2rotis+ rice+ salad+ raita+ gulab jamun
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